Friday, October 15, 2010

Daytime shifts aren't so horrible.

I'm working at a haunted house this month, so I've switched to working daytime shifts for a while. I was really, really dreading it -- the last time I regularly worked day shifts, they were always hellish. And not only hellish, not worth my time.

Well, most shifts still aren't worth my time -- $20-$40 per shift -- but at least I don't feel like I'm walking across hot coals. I'm not sure what the difference in; it surely can't be that I've mellowed out. I think it's that three people who used to work almost exclusively days have quit or been fired, and I just never really clicked with any of them personality-wise. The atmosphere now is actually pretty pleasant, and surprisingly relaxed.

If only I actually made any money, I'd probably stick with them. Maybe if I can get some closing lunch shifts once the month is out .... of course the chances of that are slim, considering Mr. Vomit-Worthy has everyone feeling sorry for him because Mrs. Vomit-Worthy is knocked up and hasn't worked in months because she "can't".


Waiting said...

Our day shifts are horrible to work. The money isn't that bad compared to day shifts at other places. It's the people who choose to work day shifts that make working them so bad. Our night shifters are a livelier bunch, plus we run either other's drinks, shakes, credit cards etc. When you work a day shift you have to readjust your work style: the move slower, NEVER help each other out, and keep to themselves. It's a stark difference.

yellowcat said...

I HATE day shifts!! I make no money and I get stuck cleaning shit I wouldn't clean in my own house for $2.50 an hour because 'if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean.' No thanks.