Sunday, October 10, 2010

I knew the douchebags would be back.

First table today left me $4 on $80. Perfect service, perfect food, etc. Fucking assholes. They're the reason stereotypes exist -- not everyone in certain racial groups is a shitty tipper, but unfortunately enough are.

But then later I got $20 on $80, and I walked with $70 on a first cut, so in the end it was okay.


SkippyMom said...

Um did you mean 4 cents? Because $4 on an $8 check is 50 percent, right? Or was it $4 on an $80 check - 'cause that would suck out loud.

Amber said...

Same thing happened to me yesterday. Not quite that bad, but they ordered food like they were Zeus and his bride, then left me with two dollars.

We have the same stereotypes where I work - they (black and white coworkers alike) call them "ghetto-fabulous."

purplegirl said...

Okay, I shouldn't blog when tired -- $4 on $80!

Squishy said...

Hey Purplegirl..I am glad to see you are back on the wagon and I hope things are going well...well as well as they can with you. I know you seem to have this penchant for getting kicked ocassionally so I hope it all works out.

So hey I'm in California and thinking of moving to New Mexico or to Texas because I am studying psychology and it is easier to get license in those there is Olive Garden so I would unfortunately have employment...teehee..

Best Wishes Hun!

Anonymous said...


I thought of you today. A friend and I had a margarita each, and bean dip with chips and salsa. The tab was $15 and I left $20. It made the server smile like you wouldn't believe; I think I made his night.

Thanks for blogging!