Monday, January 3, 2011

Pregnancy is contagious.

I found out tonight that two of my coworkers are newly pregnant. One of them I feel really bad for -- she just finished law school, she doesn't know who the father is, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't even want kids.

The other ... well ... Dallas and her baby daddy are having another baby. Wonder how his girlfriend feels about that!

I'm sure the entire staff is in for a lovely treat, working with a pregnant Dallas. Fuuuuuck.


Douglas Hester said...

I wouldn't want an attorney who's too dumb to use protection while sleeping with enough partners that she has no earthly clue who the father might be.

yellowcat said...

Whenever someone at the restaurant gets pregnant, I'm always thankful I have my tubes tied. Pregnancy is more contagious than mono.

And I second the above comment. :-)

kyoXdie said...

who are you to assume she wasn't using protection douglas? birth control does fail more often then dumbasses like you realize. i hope the one who just finished law school can manage to scrape enough together to get her out of the situation. and may dallas cause herself a miscarriage with her own stupidity.