Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Five people came through the restaurant door and started into the bar area. The woman in the lead was pointing at a booth in the corner of the area. Just because their attitude annoyed me, I stepped in front of them.

“Hello! How are you tonight?” I stepped up to foot of the stairs before they reached them and casually put one hand on my hip, which meant they couldn't get by me without encroaching on my personal space.

“Good.” Someone answered, but none of them made eye contact with me as they continued to crowd forward.

“How many tonight?” I politely gave an inch or two, mostly because I didn't want anyone stumbling off the stairs onto me.

“Oh, maybe five, maybe a whole bunch.”

“Okay,” I said. “Should we set up a large table or--”

“We're just going to sit there.” One bossy bitch burst past me and sat down at a high round table (that seats four people comfortably).

I gave up at that point. You would think that when a restaurant employee stands in front of you, physically blocking your path and questioning you, it might be a signal that this is not a seat yourself joint. Oh wait,I forgot you own the place because one of your group is a bar fly.


Jeni said...

i outright tell them, we dono't self seat, and the hostess will gladly take you to a table that will accomodate more than FOUR people

Under Cover said...

We have a sign that says "a hostess will seat you shortly," and we *still* self-seaters.

Sauce said...

Ugh, I hate people that do shit like that! I usually try to say something witty, yet dripping with sarcasm like:

"Well I guess we'll switch it up and you can lead the way today!"


SkippyMom said...

I like Sauce's response, but they are so thick they would just say "good. you do that."


DMT said...

I'd have said extremely pleasantly and politely almost apologetically in fact "Just so you know in future; we don't do self seating because it disorganizes our operation so please go to the hostess to be seated when you arrive next time" It pisses people like that off to no end

Car Title Loans said...

I would have told them that you were sorry, but that table was being reserved for later. In college, I worked in restaurants, and I feel your pain. There is nothing worse than a mean-spirited customer. Don't they know not to mess with the people who make your food?

Noelle said...

I just love guests who tell you how to run a restaurant.

in my fantasies I hand them everyones really hot plates because I can't reach the table.