Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Latest insane gossip.

Someone reliable told me yesterday that CL's been trying to get in to the pants of one of the new male servers, sending him suggestive text messages and such. If it's true, I really hope he has the sense to save the messages and go to her boss. That or thievery is probably the only thing that will get her fired. And if it's true, she deserves to get fired. I find the idea of her committing such blatant sexual harassment hilarious considering she used to freak out about servers hugging each other.


Under Cover said...

Ain't consistency great?

Rachel said...

We just had a manager at another restaurant in the chain get canned for something similiar. One wonders what makes people actually do things that stupid. Maybe you'll have a GM who can hold her shit together for more than an hour in a few weeks?

DMT said...

theres one set of rules for manager and another set for everyone else