Sunday, July 24, 2011

This isn't your courtroom.

The Lawyer seems bound and fucking determined to get on everybody's bad side. Ever since she found out that she did, in fact, pass the bar exam, she's been a massive pain in the ass. Now, I can understand – if I had a ticket out of this place that I was just waiting to cash in, I'd be irritable too. But the thing is that passing on the bar exam (on her third attempt) does not make her better than anybody else, which is what she seems to think.

There was a perfect example of this tonight. She was the only bartender, and she was seriously sucking a hind tit. I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that it took fifteen fucking minutes to get two draft beers. I checked the computer. It was ridiculous. PSM comped them for my pissed off table, thankfully. And The Lawyer was busy, I know that; but still? Fifteen minutes to pour a beer? Are you fucking kidding me?

That was bad enough. What was worse was when she finished making a shake. I happened to be ringing in an order, and she asked me what time it was.

“Five after seven,” I answered, wondering why she wanted to know.
The Lawyer consulted the drink slip in front of her, then said at top volume, “I need Cat-Eyes to the bar for a seven minute drink time.”

I about choked. After taking fifteen minutes to pour a goddamn beer, she was going to get on somebody else's ass about a “seven minute drink time”? When that seven minutes was entirely because she's fucking slow? Christ on a popsicle stick.


Rachel said...

She passed on her THIRD attempt? Maybe she should work on her pour timing...she might not exactly have a ticket out of the restaurant biz. I had a boyfriend who failed the bar once. He was so grateful that the firm that hired him not only kept him on, but let him call his study time a chunk of billable hours. I don't know any firm that would keep a rookie lawyer who failed twice, let alone go out of its way to hire one.

Under Cover said...

Hate it when people get reprimanded for something they did, then immediately look to make somebody else at fault for the same thing. Just improve, stop trying to make others look bad, sheesh.

I thought she was asking you the time 'cuz she was going to clock out or something...

DMT said...

lol £ attempts to pas the exams and shifting the blame to others, sounds like she'd make a good cheap ass state appointed defense XD