Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guess again, Beaver.

I walked into work pissed off today. Actually, I woke up that way, and it just didn't get better. Then I arrived at work at my scheduled time of 5:30. I didn't expect my section to be full; things rarely get moving that early. But, since I was already in a bad moon, I naturally walked in to a nearly full section. I had two booths and three tables. Booth 11 was empty, booth 12 had five people in it who hadn't gotten their food yet. Tables 20 and 21 were sat with a table of eight, who had waters but no real drinks and hadn't ordered yet. Critical info. Table 22 was pulled together with table 23, which was in Eager Beaver's section, for another big table.

Eager Beaver's section wasn't full, but he also had tables in the section in another section; he was taking orders at 22 and 23. I was already irritated at the whole situation, but I waited for him to come down to aisle so I could “ask” if I could take the big top at 20 and 21. When he broke away from that table he turned and stopped at table 12, and at the same time the table I was going to ask if I could take flagged me down and asked to order. They'd been sitting for at least five minutes, because despite his greed and rudeness, Beaver really can't handle many tables and he frequently over-extends himself.

So I smiled and introduced myself, found out of they needed separate checks (yes) and began taking orders. Halfway through, Beaver bounded up while I was asking one of the guests about his side dishes.
“I got ya!” Beaver cut me off, holding his notepad at the ready, clearly giving me a dismissal.
I shook my head at him and continued talking to the now-confused customer. Beaver's face clouded up and he looked like he wanted to punch me. He stood there for a minute and then stalked off, muttering and swearing under his breath.

He continued to give me dirty looks and bitch behind my back all night. He also tried take table 12 when it got re-sat, until he turned around and I was standing there watching him. I could tell from his expression he was hoping he could get their order before I realized what he was up to.

I did sort-of apologize to him later, because it was kind of a bitch move to just take a table he considered his without asking. But really? He was going to keep 4/5 of my section? It would be one thing if they table had already ordered, but general common courtesy is if no food order has been placed, the incoming server gets the table. And then any lingering guilt was dispelled when one of the hostesses told me that Beaver had switched our sections! When those four tables got sat, and the first few members of the big parties arrived and started taking up tables, Beaver looked around and my nice empty section was sitting there waiting to be filled, with me fifteen minutes away. So Beaver got out a dry erase marker and swapped our fucking sections …. and then hung out at the host stand seating every table he could in his new section.

I really do not like him. I think I've mentioned that before.


Just the Messenger said...

Wow. What. An. Asshat.

And to think he had the gall to get angry at *you*.

Anonymous said...

What a dick.

I think I wouldn't have been able to hold my tongue if he pulled that shit with me.

SkippyMom said...

Oh, so no guilt on this one. EVER. He switched assigned sections.
I would've tripped him.

But, then again, tripping is my answer to everything.

What a jerk.

DMT said...

Can you not just ask management to tell him to stop stealing other peoples income? Seriously its their manage e.g making sure other the workers are in their asigned sections doing their asigned work not whatever the fuck suits them and for the record you shouldn't have apologized.

Next time tell him if you catch him dipping into your section, switching your section or otherwise stealing your tips you will report him directly to head office.

Or better still give him a healthy dose of his own medicine.

See how cocky he feels when you hit him with that one!

Rachel said...

What a little prick! I can't believe he had the gall to walk up to you while you were talking to the tables.

JoeinVegas said...

Again, what manager really likes this guy?