Thursday, August 18, 2011

People and their goddamn bread!

(Fell asleep before I posted this last night. Fuck me, I hate double shifts.)

I don't know how people who work at restaurants with complimentary bread handle it. We don't do that, and people already piss me off! We do have garlic breadsticks we serve with our pasta dishes, and people can order them with other things if they'd like. Invariably, when someone asks for a breadstick, I have to clarify first that they aren't free, fuckers. This isn't an Italian restaurant. You're not family when you're here, either.

If they agree to pay the sixty cents (big money), I then have to go to the kitchen, ring it in, and then wait for the cooks to toast it and send it out. Occasionally, during the dinner rush, they'll have some pre-made for a pasta dish that isn't ready, so we can use that. More often, though, I go back out to my section with a soda refill or napkins or more ranch or more ice or a third extra plate or extra croutons or drained cole slaw or whatever the fuck people want, and Mr. Bread Stick Orderer will stop me, demanding to know where the bread stick is he ordered one minute ago. When I politely explain it's being toasted, half the people understand and half get a snitty fucking attitude with me.

Once again: Not an Italian restaurant. We don't keep an oven full of these things ready at all times because guess what? We have five items out of our 100 item menu that come with a bread stick. How many do you think we really go through? Oh, but wait, you're special so let me just go change the way the restaurant works just for you.


Dragonfly said...

I used to work in a restaurant with free crack-laced cheesy bread (but without fish, thank god. I hate the smell of old fish, it makes me sick.)

And, we also had incompetant staff that doesn't realize that at 6:20, they need to have a shit ton of bread in the ovens because at 6:30, the gates of hell open up for everyone to come and sit down and order and they all want not one piece, but several fucking pieces of bread each. And when there are 43 tables in the restaurant that all get sat within 10 minutes of each other, you'll need 400 pieces of bread ready to go.

Ran out of bread more often than not. Would often have a 25 minute wait for a basket of the free bread. Sometimes it wouldn't hit the table until they have dessert in front of them. People get meals for free because the free bread didn't make it out. I never understood that. THE SHIT IS FREE. IF YOU DON'T SEE IT YOU ARE NOT OVERPAYING FOR YOUR MEAL. THE CRACK IN THE BREAD IS FREE.

DMT said...

We give ONE free biscuit (cookie) with a tea or coffee and it turns people into greedy fuckers I dont giving out couple extra especially if the customer has kids, but you get some people coming in and demanding half a box of them.

It goes beyond ridiculous sometimes its like when you see a greedy bastard practically take the whole plate when a grocery store is giving free samples and if we run out some of them go ape shit they act like we've stolen from them. "No we haven't just ran out of the FREE cookies what part of FREE dont you understand? You dont pay any money for a FREE cookie because its given FREELY at our discretion, so you havent been charged any money, there for by running out because we have not stolen from you!"

The worst part is that we are open air. So we often get saps coming up and saying "I don't want to buy anything just give of your free biscuits in a bag" "Sorry tightass those only come free with a drink"

DMT said...

*I dont mind giving out a couple extra*

Jen said...

I'm definitely guilty of, shall we say, over appreciating the free bread; usually because I don't eat much when I know I'm going out to eat and I want to be able to go a little wild. However, if the bread doesn't make it out until later, that is still fine with me. I just ask if I can take it home with my leftovers. :)

Professionally, I used to work at a restaurant that had wonderful cloverleaf rolls and we would keep them in a steamer to keep them soft, warm and ready. I don't recall ever running out of bread, but we also had crackers with different spreads that we sent out as well. People were bitchy enough without having to hear complaints about the freebies!

Anonymous said...

Where I work (cpk) we have bread "available opon request". It's a big bread loaf we but through a machine, like sliced French bread. Nothing special. People are fucking psycho over the goddamned bread. They'll be like "can we have some bread" and 2 minutes later if I don't bring them the stupid bread ( before I can even go to the kitchen) they ask "where is our bread??". People are so anxious.

OnlyHostess said...

I worked at CPK when they made us stop giving the free bread automatically and changed it to "available on request." There would be guests who would get SO upset and not ask about it until I gave them their check. Then bitch to a manager about how I'd neglected to give them the bread they were OWED. The managers even got sick of this...