Thursday, August 11, 2011


Eager Beaver seems to always be rolling in cash.. He drives 20+ miles to work …. in a Hummer. He goes out drinking and runs up huge bar tabs. He's always bragging about how much he makes and waving his cash around. Some of it might be the fact that he's a blatant table thief, especially when it comes to the patio – if it's not assigned to only one person, then every time a table gets sat out there he is right the fuck on it. I don't like him, so I've kind of bitchily figured he's been stealing. But in the last couple of weeks several other people have told me they suspect he's stealing as well.

I wish I had proof. But all I have is other peoples' unsubstantiated word. AA said she's pretty sure she's seen him double-charge people when they're fighting over the ticket – if one person approaches him away from the table hands him cash, and another does the same with a card, he'll pocket the cash and run the credit card. Cat-Eyes thinks he's cheating on his upselling scores by always ringing in drinks that count, regardless of what the people ordered. If they were the same price that wouldn't be an issue, but if that's what he's doing, he's over-charging customers.

I think he's playing every stealing server's favorite game, and playing with soda counts. Corporate thinks they've stymied that with the new computer system, but …. not so much. I don't want to go into too many specifics, but I can think of at least two ways to very easily pocket money off of cash tickets. I don't know that Eager Beaver's been around long enough to have figured out those tricks, though.

And of course, the managers aren't always very careful with their cards, so there's the possibility he's applying discounts to cash tickets for his own benefit. I've noticed that PSM has been a lot more tight-fisted with his card when Eager Beaver is around, but he's never liked him. I don't think Lapdog does either; HotPants I'm not sure of. CL loves him, of course.

If he is stealing, I'm sure it's a combination of all of the above. If he can comp one meal a shift, senior discount another couple, pocket the cash from four or five sodas, over-charge people who tip on percentage, steal three or four tables from other people, and really luck out and have people who double-pay …. well, it all adds up. Someone might eventually catch him if he keeps it up, but I'm hoping I'll “stumble” across some evidence sooner rather than later. I really don't like him.


SkippyMom said...

How does he get away most of this? I am surprised more people don't read their checks. I would notice if my drink was entered wrong and I would surely know who was paying at our table so as to not pay twice.

For everyone's sake I do hope he is caught soon.

SkippyMom said...

I am sitting here watching our local news and they are talking about the indictment of a waiter that was scamming credit cards - he was scanning them on a pocket scanner [size of a beeper] and sold the numbers - which ended up in $42,000 in bad charges in six months.

It made me think, what you are talking about is petty change. He is a crook to begin with, I wouldn't put this large scale kind of scam past him.

Squishy said...

Have you clued any of the other managers into this? I would say maybe PSM or Lapdog might be able to help you. If someone is scamming the restaurant and looking just a little too flashy, I would clue a lesser manager in to what is going down. I always tell my managers what is going on, or which server needs to be looked at. I don't like dishonesty and I don't like people profitting where they shouldn't. We might not be able to get rid of tax collectors or wallstreet members, but we can police our own and keep the serving profession clean.

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