Monday, August 8, 2011

Suddenly obnoxious.

There are a couple of regulars, Julie and Lenny, who I've written about before. They've been coming in for ten years now, but lately their visits have been less frequent. The other day, I found out why: it seems that Julie told Chrissy that “they” (meaning she) didn't want to come in anymore because Cali Girl – who never even waits on them, being a bartender – laughs too loudly.


Just the Messenger said...

Heaven forbid someone show *some sense of humor or amusement* at a restaurant.

Good Lord people are stupid.

I say more power to them in not coming in.

SG said...

It sounds they are used to having all the minute details in life be fashioned toward them. Any potential break in their false reality -- a person have fun without our permission? What?? -- is just completely inappropriate.

Good riddance.

JoeinVegas said...

The bartender laughs to loudly? Ask to sit on the other side of the restaurant, or eat someplace else. (oh, right, they do)

Aunty Pol said...

SG said it better than I could have,.....the gall of anyone having some amusement at work ...egad !