Friday, November 11, 2011

Too angry to write.

I want to, I've been trying to, but I'm so fucking pissed off I can't seem to coherently write the story. Basically, Chicken Little cost me about $150 tonight. She sent me home in the middle of my shift, on our busiest day of the year, because she didn't think I took very good care of a table that was kissing her ass (and never said one word about being unhappy to me, and tipped me VERY well) .... and because I had the balls to say I wanted to make money.


Jeni said...

ugh, female managers. being a woman, i HATE women managers.
sorry about your shift :(

SkippyMom said...

Gotta agree with Jeni on this one. Working for a [spiteful] woman manager sucks. Sorry PG.

watergirl said...

I've found that female managers are often more unfair and unreasonable that their male counterparts. I don't know if it's an overdose of estrogen, the (false) need to prove themselves as tough or tougher than men or simply that fact that women in management are snarky and bitchy at heart.

I'm sorry she did that to you. May the next time she uses lotion at work result in the entire bottle splurting onto her pants.
:whistle innocently:


JoeinVegas said...

No interviews for alternative work locations?

purplegirl said...

Unfortunately, all the women managers I've worked for have lived up to the stereotype of being bitches who didn't deserve their jobs. Such bullshit.