Saturday, March 17, 2012

Casual racism.

A long time ago, my company used to offer yearly packages. People would pay for their programming in one installment, and get one month free for doing so. We don't offer than anymore, thank god, but about once a week I get a call from someone grandfathered in to that program, and they are always a MASSIVE pain in my ass. They want to change to a cheaper one, but get pissed off the same offer isn't available. Or they have monthly charges for extra equipment, etc., and haven't paid it in months because it was such a low amount and they got a late fee every month.

This particular hillbilly asked what he paid every year. I told him $450 for his programming, plus every month he paid $15 in additional charges.
"Well I don't wanna pay another dime until next Feb'rary, what do I gotta pay!"
"Okay sir, let me do the math on that for it. Every month you pay seven dollars for an extra receiver, seven dollars for your local channels, and 93 cents in taxes. That's $14.93 cents per month. If you multiply that by 12, that's $179.16. Plus the $450 for your yearly package, and that equals $629.16 for one year of service." I've learned to list everything for these fucking people, because they don't fucking get it. But I figured that was pretty cut and dried right? Ohhhhhh, no.
"Well! That ain't right! I only paid $450 last year, so there's a nigger in the woodpile somewhere!" The racist fucking idiot kept ranting but I was honestly so shocked I didn't register the exact words. Once I managed to speak again, I know my tone was less friendly as I advised him he paid $450 last February, and then paid around $179 in May so it was the exact same.

Surprise, he was still pissed. I was just shocked. Who the hell says something like that to a total stranger? I wanted to do something nasty to his account just because he's obviously a terrible human being.

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SkippyMom said...

Stranger? Who in the world says that to ANYONE. Gawd - it is people like him that perpetuate the hate.

I would have lost my job after I hung up on him.

Stupidity is still breeding. Sigh.