Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things That Are Not Fraud #1

Every day, somebody accuses me or the company of lying to them, pulling a bait and switch, trying to steal from them, etc. etc. I hear the word "fraud" so many times a day it almost doesn't sound like a real word anymore. So I think it's time for a new feature: Things that are not fraud, real examples of things customers think are, well, fraud.

And the first example of "things that are not fraud" is .... charging for a technician to come out to replace cables that you severed with your lawn mower. Yeah, I know it sucks to have to pay when you damage something. It's much more fun to throw a fit and accuse the big bad company of illegal activity. But back in the real world, if you broke it, you have to pay to fix it.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong. The next time you smash your car into something, try accusing the repair shop of fraud because they're going to charge you to fix it. Let me know how that works out for you.


JTN said...

I feel your pain on this one. I was at a car dealership tonight and heard the finance guy's side of a conversation that went like "Sir, if you own the charity, you cannot win your own raffle... its against the law... No sir, it is not because of Obama, it is state law... Obama is not taking away anything here... state law prohibits charity employees from winning their own raffles..." and it went round and round from there. I'm fairly sure the guy on the other end was accusing the dealership (and Obama) of fraud because he couldn't win a car he had donated to his own charity...

Office Rebel said...

This is officially my new favorite segment! I love hearing about other people's stupidity :D

BTW, the captcha says arson.... I don't even like fire! How is this arson?!

J.R. Locke said...

In my business it's the same, I can't count the number of times, every night, that a waiter comes to me to let me know the couple on table 25 decided they were too full to eat an entree or that a cocktail they ordered and we made was now unwanted and can these items be removed from the bill? Of course they can! We love to pay for you being fickle!

Tammy said...

Love your blog, and I am glad you are posting again! Your new (well, not so new anymore) job gives so much great blog fodder! I am a high school teacher, and your writing nearly inspires me to write my own blog called, "Stupid Shit Teenagers Say". I say nearly because my crippling laziness prevents me from doing so.

Good luck with the new position, and the kick-ass raise!

purplegirl said...

JTN, that is hilarious and I think it was my grandfather .... lol.

Arsonist, I mean Office Rebel, I love hearing peoples' idiocy too. God knows there's enough of it!

JR, I always hated that shit. Get a to go box, ya jerk! You ordered it, you're paying!

Haha, Tammy, I have so been a victim of said laziness too! Glad I could almost be an inspiration.