Friday, July 20, 2012

Maybe I'm a terrible person ....

But I can't help but snicker at something.

Just before I quit my job, we were overloaded with calls about us dropped a particular network from our line-up. People were pissed the fuck off about it. Actually, we'd dropped three channels belonging to the same company, but most people didn't give a damn about two of them. Most people only cared about the one that shows particular original series: AMC. They were pissed off about Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead or whatever.

And oh my god, were they pissed off about it. Watching the episodes online wasn't good enough. Watching them on their tv through something like a PS3 wasn't good enough even if we covered the cost. I don't know how many customers they actually lost because of it, but there were some people who left in a pissed-off snit and went over to one of our competitors, usually the main one.

Now, I understand. If they had dropped FX back when Nip/Tuck was still on the air, I would've been pissed and maybe left too. But I wouldn't have been nasty about it and called the person answer the phone nasty names. And what really amused me was the people asserting things like "everybody in America is going to leave your company because of this! This channel has the best shows ever! You're all so stupid! You're not going to be around much longer because of this!" Seriously, the people who left over this were absolutely certain that the company was going to go belly-up over this issue. Oh - or they would insist that we were violating their contract and they didn't have to pay the termination fee, because we didn't have a channel they wanted. Riiiiight.

Anyway, as I said, a lot of people went out to the other big company that was our direct competition. And it makes me laugh now to think how furious those people probably are now ... because that company just dropped 26 channels. And they're popular ones, too. I'm pretty sure that some of the people screaming about the meth dealer show have kids who might want to watch Nickelodeon. Or they themselves might want to watch South Park. Or maybe BET, Spike, CMT, etc. And they're not lowering the price on the packages including those channels either.

So to all the people who screamed at me about AMC, who called me a bitch or lazy or uncaring, the people who said I was working for a crooked company and ought to be ashamed of myself: HOPE YOU'RE ENJOYING YOUR NEW TELEVISION SERVICE, BITCHES! :D


bread said...

Wow. I used to work Cservice for a cell phone company (think death star) and it was horrible too. I can only imagine what you went through on these calls. However, I would add that what you may want to have said to these people is 'call the FCC and your congressperson and demand they allow al a carte packages -- e.g. I pay for ONLY what I want, not the bundles of crap like The Shopping Channel'. Oh well, c'est la via. Hope all is well.

Aunty Pol said...

Holy Crap ! I wasn't that snarky much less abusive when SCIFI dropped Caprica and Eureka. Those people need to collectively grow the fuck up !


cd0103 said...

I have the competitor service and don't watch those channels, so had no idea. However, I received an email from them this morning that they have reached an agreement and the channels are back.