Thursday, August 2, 2012

Could it be? Could it really, really be?

It appears ... that Chicken Little may actually be leaving the building. Supposedly this Saturday is her last day at the restaurant. Of course I won't believe it until I actually see it, because I really think she's just angling for more money. But somebody put together a going away party for her and everything. I sort of want to go just to piss her off!

If she does actually leave, I am absolutely sure that she will fall flat on her bitchy face. She has no retail management experience, and will supposedly be leaving to manage a store that has a wide variety of goods. Considering her absolute freak-outs over the state of the restaurant sometimes, I can't even imagine how much a messy story would trip her trigger. Not to mention the host of teenagers she'll have to hire because I doubt they pay more than minimum wage for cashiers and stockers, I bet she'll have an awesome time riding herd on them. Then again, her level of maturity is about high school levels.

But what I think will be the hardest part, and where she's really going to be screwed, is dealing with loss prevention issues. Bet her first inventory results are going to be absolutely disastrous.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like sweet, sweet justice to me!

JoeinVegas said...

Will you now be going back there to work?

Wordchazer said...

Teehee. Justice! Am looking forward to updates.

Deanna said...

*insert my most evil of laughs here*

I hope she gets everything she deserves. :)

DMT said...

good ridden to bad managers I feel sorry for her next batch of victims nothing worse than working under a vindictive c*** who doesn't have the maturity to be professional while on the job