Sunday, August 5, 2012

She actually left!

Well, Chicken Little's last day was yesterday. She is officially gone. And, of course, she is still officially a bitch. I had forgotten there was a going away party for her that night, and they it was at the restaurant. So my cousin and I went in for dinner because it was close to our grandma's and cheap. I thought I'd be the better person, be polite, so I went out on the patio and was talking to someone. CL looked at me, turned around, and ignored me. I thought about walking away, but then decided I'd just try to be a thorn in her side one last time. So I stood there while she unwrapped two presents. They were sweet -- Dolly had made a collage of pictures, and then another that just had four pictures and said something sappy about memories in the middle. Of course, 99% of those pictures she had stolen from Work Wife's Facebook without asking, but whatever. One of the pictures, CL pointed at and said "except I fired that girl!" I couldn't see which girl she was pointing at, but she didn't fire JJ or L. Stupid bitch.

Anyway, I waited a few minutes and finally just went up and spoke directly to her, almost interrupting. "Hi! I actually just came in for dinner with my cousin--"
"Oh good!" she said, clearly relieved I hadn't actually come for her party.
"-but I wanted to say good luck!" I gave her my biggest smiled.
She actually hugged me and said "Thank you! Enjoy your dinner!" .... and then turned away as if I didn't exist.

Whatever. Didn't want to chat anyway, just her fakeness annoys me. I went back in and enjoyed my dinner. Tonight I put in my application again -- because I miss my friends and because the new job will just barely pay my bills. I was talking to Mistress J the other day about it, and wondering if HotPants or Lapdog would let me come back. She suggested I call the new area manager and tell her about the fact that I never really planned to leave, I just wasn't being scheduled, and see if she can help me get back in. I'm not sure yet if I want to, because I don't want Lapdog or Hotpants to be pissed off at me for going over their heads.

However, I do have another reason to call her: I have no idea what CL put down in my employee file regarding me leaving, and I totally do not trust the bitch to not have put in that she fired me or I quit without notice. So I can call the new area manager and ask her to check that. Still pondering overall though. But I'm going to need a second job, unless a better paying full time job comes through before that starts ....


Emmy said...

Just let her bask in her pretentious glory until she gets to her new job and realizes she can't do shit :D

Anonymous said...

Hey do you have a contact email?

purplegirl said...

Emmy, that's exactly what I intend to do!

Anonymous, I do. slightlycranky at

DMT said...

ding dong the witch is dead!

Good to see some good news come your way now get your ass back in there! (