Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rejected again.

Well, I talked to the new manager at my old restaurant who told me that "based on the metrics we look at and talking to the previous managers, we won't be rehiring you." Fuck you, asshole! What fucking metrics? The fact that I was very reliable, picked up extra shifts, and was one of the best sellers? Those metrics? And "talking to the previous managers"? Did he fucking call up CL? Or did Lapdog and HotPants just decide to be dicks?

Or maybe he didn't even really look in to it at all, since he had to ask if I was trying to be rehired and ask if I'd put in my application. I don't know. But I'm not so happy. I also may not have even the shitty call center job anymore since supposedly you can't miss training and I woke up sick today. I tried to go. Came home when I threw up again, in the parking lot.

Of course, there's some sort of problem with the air in the building anyway that's making me (and a couple of other people) ill. Within five minutes of getting there, my eyes are putting out chunks of green mucus, I'm sneezing and coughing, and I can feel my sinuses swelling shut. By the end of last week I could hardly talk.

In possibly positive news, the boy is back. I don't know for how long or what we are, but at least I know he's alive.

Other than that, I'm totally depressed.


SkippyMom said...

It would be unkind if I didn't at least acknowledge this post - but I am honestly at a loss for words. It sounds so shallow to type "I wish I was there to give you a hug" [I do, but...] or "I hope you feel better soon" [I do, but...] what do we say?

I will say I hope you don't compound everything with a tangle with the boy. That just can't be good - he is a heartbreaker sweetie. I would tell my girls the same thing. Stay away. Please?

purplegirl said...

Sorry for such a depressing post, I know there's not much to say about it. As far as the boy ... we already, er, tangled. I haven't been writing about it but I've been utterly heartbroken over him, without relief, for months. Crying every day, that sort of thing. It wasn't getting better, so I figured it couldn't get worse and I might as well snatch a few happy moments with him while I could. I don't expect anything, not even to see him again (though he swears I will). And maybe he'll piss me off enough to make me stop loving him.

Anonymous said...

I had a boy like that. Off and on over 12 years. Finally, when I said enough was enough and told him never to contact me again, I was ready and open to meet someone new, and I did! We've been married for 10 years and have 2 boys together.

Don't waste 12 years of your life in the same repetitive cycle. You may love him, but it's a toxic love, and it will only make you sick.

End the cycle!

Also, call head office about your old job. Inform them that your previous manager had created a "hostile work environment" (use those words) causing you to leave, but you've reviewed your options and will file a complain with the Labor Board if a resolution can't be found internally.

MorganUmbra said...

considering you're not getting rehired by them anyway, I'd tell them about all the times you picked up shifts/helped/put up with bullshit and say that they should be so lucky that you want to come back. but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

You left the first time for a reason, why would you want to go back?

DMT said...

@Anonymous she didn't really leave of her own accord, her GM was a vindictive woman who subjected her to constructive dismissal by refusing to roster her in for shifts, so she was forced to take up another job to support her self and then leave.

I'm in agreement with the previous posters,

1. Stay away from the boy, he is obviously using you for gratification, he'll come over get some affection get his leg over then fuck off to someone else once he's needs have been catered to.

2. Go to your company's head office, tell them you were forced out your job by CL because she created a hostile environment, and subjected you to constructive dismissal by cutting your hours to the point where you could not support yourself and had to seek out another job. Let them know that when you reapplied for a job CL said she cut your shifts to force you to leave and you would not be getting another job in that restaurant as long as she was there. Finally tell them that your latest application was rejected based on manager's feedback and you fear that CL may have given you a bad reference out of spite.

3. If you get nowhere take their asses to the labor court, you have a written record at your fingertips and what you were subjected to definitely is a breach of your rights!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I work for the same chain as the restaurant she had previously worked at. Their management methods and way of treating employees just is not all that good. I am attempting to leave for another job soon, but even if that doesn't work out, I still won't go back.

As a food service employee of 7 years, I would not go back to a place I had a bad experience at.

purplegirl said...

Anonymous #1, I had a 12 year on and off relationship too. Then I was single for four years. I have no intention of going down that road again, but it's taking me longer than I would like to be ready to let go.

As far as complaining to the corporate office, I doubt they would care. Also, since I didn't complain when I was actually pushed out, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do anything.

Morgan, this guy is just a tool. He doesn't care.

Anonymous #2, DMT is exactly right about why I'd want to go back.

DMT, after this length of time I doubt that I would get anywhere with the labor board.

Anonymous #3, if there hadn't been a change in management, and if I hadn't been desperate for a job ...

DMT said...

It's only been a couple of months, not a couple of years. In general, across many countries, the standard for civil disputes allows you a year long window to bring a case

If anything you might recoup some the estimated lost earning caused by CL's dickery