Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time wasters.

Yesterday I got ready and drove twenty minutes one way for my "interview." It lasted literally four minutes. She didn't even have my application printed out. I was asked three generic questions and then told, "Well, I'll definitely print out your application and put my notes on it for the general manager. We just did a round of hiring so it'll be a couple of weeks at least before you hear anything."

So .... you're not actually hiring. Why the fuck did you waste my time?


NayNay said...

I hate when that happens, and I feel your pain! I applied for a job once that was advertised as a clerical position for a small real estate office. The ad actually said "office assistant."

The manager called me and we spoke at length about my resume and qualifications. Did I have any book-keeping experience? Not in the civilian sector, but I did similar work in the military for 6 years...She seemed suitably impressed and asked me to come in for an interview. I drove 30 miles to listen this bitch yapping on her bluetooth the entire time. During my interview!

She asked me the same exact questions we'd already discussed on the phone, nothing more, and then dismissed me with this: "Well, we're really looking for someone with more book-keeping experience, but I'll certainly keep you in mind if we ever need any...filing...done." WHY DID YOU CALL ME DOWN HERE TO WASTE MY TIME WHEN I DID NOT APPLY FOR A BOOK-KEEPING POSITION?

I don't think I stopped shaking until after I drove the 30 miles back home.

SkippyMom said...

Bah - completely unprepared is unacceptable. It sounds as tho' it was a "look/see" appointment. They wanted to get a good look at you, in person, to see if you would fit in their restaurant. Don't they know by now we're on to this sort of bullshit? Next time come prepared to beat them at their own game and have a copy of your application or at the very least your resume and hand that over.

Thank goodness it was only a forty minute round trip drive and you didn't waste all that gas going ot the boonies or stuck in traffic.

Don't worry. The right fit is out there. You might have to be a little patient until it comes along. Just take care of YOU in the meantime.

JoeinVegas said...

It sounds like that is a common thing to do. I wonder why companies waste their own time if they aren't hiring? To just keep a call back list to be used in six months (as if you aren't finding work by then)

DMT said...

If they can't even organise themselves for an interview I wonder how they mange trying to run a restaurant >:/

Maybe it's for the best, just keep trying!

Just Sayin... said...

I hate that!

Had that happen once. They called me for an interview etc, when I got there they informed me the position was already filled.

I went up one side of this woman and down the other. That is MY time you're wasting. MY TIME I had to take of work that already pays me!!!

I wrote their head office a nasty email too. I've never been so mad before.

I'm surprised you didn't smack her!