Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A slow night, and not even any stories to tell for it!

My tables today were perfectly fine and pleasant .... and utterly unremarkable. The only one I remember was a teenage boy with his dad, and that was only because I asked him why his hat still had stickers on it. Other than that ... nothing going on. Nobody funny, nobody cranky, nobody picky.

The only thing of note was the fact that I got screwed for the third time since Friday in terms of floor time. Friday I was supposed to be a second cut; it was so slow they included me in the first cut. Lunch today I was supposed to work until the dinner shift, and they cut me. Then, they asked me to work until close tonight ... only to turn around less than five minutes later and tell me nevermind! All of this was by the same manager, too, who is probably my favorite and who kept apologizing for it, so I didn't really get mad ... I just feel like I'm wearing a kick me sign at the same time I'm hemorrhaging money, and it's bringing me down.

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