Sunday, June 21, 2009

Full circle.

So my last post, raging about how I hate my job and all? Well ... turns out I'm stupid. Apparently after picking up the ticket book from table 51 I set it down without taking the cash out of it, but I still closed out the ticket. I don't know why I would have done that; I never do that. Luckily for me, the server who found my cash turned it in to the manager. Since the ticket was still in the book they held it for me. So it turns out I actually made about $60 that night, which isn't bad considering it was fairly slow. And I'm rather embarrassed.

I worked Tuesday night, and it was actually a great shift, in terms of both customers and money. Thursday was good too. I was starting to think maybe it was just one bad night. Well, Friday was horrid. Had a four table section, which is fine. But 31 was taken up by this complete bitch who comes in once a week; she and her friend take up the table for hours and don't tip anyone except one bartender, who gets $20 off them. They were there before I arrived, and didn't leave until two hours later.

I had come in thirty minutes early for someone who needed to come in late; she still got two tables before I got one. My first table at 32 were ten percenters--ten percent on their half price appetizers. 33 and 34 were taken up for an hour plus by a group of eight: the parents, ex-wife, and children of one of the cooks. They tipped me eight bucks on sixty.

So two hours in to the night, I'd had three tables and sales of $92. On a Friday. Once that lot of people left, I had three tables open (non-tipping bitch was still there)--a booth and two high round tables. And the hosts double-sat the girl in the station next to me (Shayla) at a high table, and double-sat a girl on the other side of her in a booth. I waited around with three empty tables for a good fifteen minutes while they sat people around me. I didn't have a full station all night.

Right before first cuts were made, they triple sat Shayla. Then cut was made, and I was moved in to a ten table section. Which would be great .... except two were my only two tables at cut; two were another girl's section originally and were sat; four were Shayla's, and were full; and two were on the patio .... and were full plus it was getting cold. Even after my tables emptied out, the ignoring of my section continued. I was freaking livid.

But then Saturday was a really good night; nice customers, good tips, coworkers all in good moods, etc. Today I was off; I guess we'll see how tomorrow goes.


Steven Nicolle said...

It is up and down isn't it but things even out somehow. Tomorrow will be good for you.

purplegirl said...

Sadly not--$34. Oh well!