Friday, April 29, 2011

A very special guest post.

You've all read about my friend L, the only one of my coworkers to know about this blog. She saw a few days ago where I invited her to contribute, and she got right on it. So for your reading pleasure, L in her own words! I hope she'll be a regular contributer!

So, let me guess, you are a normal gal, that loves her family, likes to cook, has shopping dreams, and longs for highlights in your hair? Right? Well, either way, that's me. I had a great job, normal salary, with benefits, and an 8-5 schedule...but it was boring and I knew I could make cash instantly slinging drinks in coorporate here I go!
I agree to a group interview, after all, in order to be a money maker in this shit job, I have to be an entertainer, so why not start off by entertaining my potential future peers?
I pass with flying colors, simply by sitting in a booth with my future manager in a one on one interview...I think he liked my boobs more than my words, but whatever...I got the job!
It seemed easy the shit bar shifts, clean up, collect cash...easy enough and brainless, I can do this!
Oh fuck! The "boob staring manager" didn't mention I was signing up for war against the towns bitchiest chics! Now I see why there are actual conferences titled "Women Working With Women"! Well, as nice as it sounds to attend such conference, we didn't. I learned about such conference 2 years after I left the whore house!
Seriously ladies....guys talk about construction sites, gross port-a-pottys, ect...but there is a concrete reason why said conferences even exist! Women are the devil!
So with that, I'd like to formally introduce myself...I'm L. I'm the bitch you want to like, but love to hate. I'm the girl that loves to flirt with the cooks so I have guaranteed entertainment everyday at work, but walks out the door without looking back. I live by the philosophy of 'keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer' and I'm sure the majority of my work 'friends' are close to me for that very said reason, but it's fine....I love it! I'm hard headed and out spoken, and not afraid to say it like it is! I take smoke breaks as often as I can, and try to sneak the hot cook into the cooler for a quick grope session whenever I can! I'll tell the manager how I see it, no matter what they might think. I'm still not sure if they love me or hate me, no one feels 'grey' about me! It's pure black and white!
I'm thrilled to be invited by the Slightly Cranky Waitress to share my stories...I hope you all enjoy my rants and raves! Cheers to being a strong enough person to endure the service industry! You all deserve a pat on the back! Stay tuned!


undercoverwaitress said...

To L.: Looking forward to more!

theblonde said...

oh, my. she sounds like a hoot! can't wait to actually read something.. maybe you'll get her to start her own blog!

SkippyMom said...

what blonde said. and everyone be a little skeered.

Jen nay said...

Love it! She sounds like fun!