Monday, August 22, 2011

Your uppance will come.

One of the more annoying FNGs is … well … she's a go-go dancer. And not the classy kind, the naked-but-for-boots kind. I would have no problem for that if she weren't also a raging bitch. The first sign of this was when she approached one of the hostesses and asked what she was eating.
“It's chicken alfredo.”
Go-Go Girl poked the hostess in the stomach and said, “That's going to make you fat.” and then walked away. This was the first day she'd ever worked with that particular hostess. I pretty much just try to avoid her because I mostly want to slap her skinny ass to the ground.

I don't know what I did to my knee a few days ago, but it's been hurting like a sonofabitch. I've spent three days limping around the restaurant, calling every morning to request a section close to the kitchen, and basically trying not to cry every time I took a step. So imagine my irritation when I arrived at work tonight to find that I had the hardest section to work, and the one the absolute farthest from the kitchen: the goddamn motherfucking evil bitch patio. And unfortunately for me, I came in the last of everyone so I couldn't get any other station. I was irritated at CL for putting me out there, but I was even more annoyed when I found out that originally, Go-Go Girl had the patio.

The same hostess who I mentioned earlier told me that Go-Go Girl went to CL and said, “I don't want the patio. It's too far to walk. I'm not doing it.” And CL, having not worked with me the last few days and not knowing about my knee, decided to give the whiny little bitch my section just outside the kitchen door. Go-Go Girl, however, had worked with me and knew all about my sore knee.

I'm not going to be stalking her every move to get revenge or anything, but at some point she's going to need something. And when she does, I'm going to remember that because of her selfish bitchy little ass, I spent tonight in knee-crunching agony.


Anonymous said...

You obviously hate your job. As entertaining as your posts might be, for a minute, they are kind of redundant and depressing...

purplegirl said...

How insightful. Not like I say right at the top of the page that I hate my job, or anything.

Aunty Pol said...

Wow state that PG's posts are redundant and depressing..and yet here you are reading them..irony much ?

JoeinVegas said...

Sorry about the knee - sounds like a lot of coworkers are not pleasant people.

Just Sayin... said...

You're looking at this all wrong.

Patio = sun = more beers than if were inside = limping waitress making the best of it with a fucking smile on her face = bigger tips!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first anonymous. I like serving blogs but yours tends to be the most consistently negative. Life's too short- consider another line of work.

Logan said...

I like reading because I work for the same company (pretty sure) and because I like hearing that I'm not the only one with asshat customers. Would you enjoy reading this:

Oh my lovely readers I came into work tonight with a super happy grin on my face and waited on the cutest little girl. Then I waited this really nice couple who tipped me awesome! After that I had some more tables who tipped me amazing! It was a great night. I love my job. I had a table who were complete nightmares but who wants to hear a negative nancy whine about that? After I clocked out for the night I stuck around some more to help run food for free because I just love it so much! I can't wait to go back tomorrow! Well bye bye readers I have to get to the store before it closes. I need some more sunshine and rainbows to snort before my shift tomorrow!

Your happy super duper Purple Girl

Or would you rather hear someone bitch about the redneck douche nozzle at table 12 who a "fill it mig none" extry well dun wit ketchip? You're a fantastic writer and the stories you tell make me realize that it's not because I live in bumfuck that people suck. They just suck in general.

Faermon said...

About these anon comments: if you don't like this blog or find it depressing, stop reading it. Everywhere you turn people are always more interested in the bad news than the good stuff. I personally relate to them (good and bad) and know that I'm not the ONLY one with them. If all that was written on here were the wonderful days at your job, making tons of money and with the easiest guests and coworkers, I'd LOVE to know where you work, so I can tell you it doesn't exist(and maybe the reason you love it so much is because you're the flaming douchebag making it miserable for everyone else). I enjoy this blog and you keep it up PG! Thanks for all the great reading :)

DMT said...

The two anons are obviously the same person, too scared to give a name or anything to be id'ed with so he/she can't be recognized at all the other blogs he/she supposedly visits. Which I take to be a lie by the way, because 90% of the content on such blogs is people venting about bad things that have happened in their day.

So either he/she stumbled on this randomly having never worked a day as a server blind to what we put up with day to day, or he/she is one of those self entitled pricks who enjoy the sadistic practice of putting down and being rude to their server who seek out these blogs and don't read the content instead immediately post shit like "Quit your whining abuse is part of your job, don't like it then get another one"

Oh and FYI anon if you actually bothered to read more posts you would know that Purplegirl does post about good stuff like when a manager brought in an air horn and started messing around with the staff, and does give a nod to good customers, it happens that more often than not (across the board in service work) that someone acts obnoxiously, rudely, inconsiderately, or a mixture of all three which understandably upsets her.

Now don't try to lie to us because we'll smell bullshit a mile off; if something bad happened to you in work what is going to stick in your mind more at the end of the day? What are you most likely to talk about? I rest my case. Think about that before you go around blogs being condescending to the authors!

purplegirl said...

Anonymous #1 - if you find them redundant, stop reading. Anonymous #2 - wow, thank you, I'd never ever in my entire life thought about another job!

AP, Faermon, DMT -- thanks for your support. :)

Joe, my coworkers do kinda suck. :)

Just Sayin - I wish that were the case. Our patio people don't drink more. They're more water-with-lemon types. Ah well. Fall is coming! :)

Logan - I'd love to know if we work for the same place. Feel free to email me at slightlycranky at hotmail if you want. :)