Monday, July 6, 2009

Another evening with brainless.

Tonight was another lovely trying night. I really want to like this girl, but she's just so damn lazy. And often stupid.

For example, today I got triple sat with five tops, and she asked if she could help me. I thought that was nice of her, and I asked her to make me an Oreo sundae. She said "Okay!" and bounced off.

Well, I come back from getting a drink order and she's just leaning against the bar. I started looking for my dessert, and she tells me, "I didn't know what you meant by an Oreo sundae." Umm .... WHAT?

A couple of hours later, she's ringing something in next to me and says, "The margarita gold is the house margarita, right?"
She's been serving for at least a month. She's worked at this place for a long longer. Our house margarita has a very specific name, which is nowhere near the gold margarita--which has Grand Marnier in it.

After our post-cut rush, we were working on cleaning up the back. Again, I get the "Now what?" crap. Only this time, it had a twist: her cheerfully asserting "If you think I remember anything from last week, you're wrong!"

I gave her explicit instructions and told her I'd be working on the front.

Later, after her last table finally left, she comes up to me while I'm vacuuming and asks "What should I do?"
I tried not to sound snotty as I said, "Clean your table, for starters." It wasn't even pre-bussed. She thought that was hilarious.

Ten minutes later, I'm still vacuuming; which we don't even normally do at night. But the girl working in the morning was going to be opening alone, because of Brainless--she picked up the shift, then promptly tried to give it away because she forgot she has an exam that morning.

I started running the vacuum while she was in the back; I wanted to get the hell out of there. I asked Brainless to move chairs out of my way and then put them back. She says "Do we really have to do this? I want to go home!"
I don't think she liked my response: "Considering Sara's working alone in the morning because of you, yes, we do!"

Several minutes later, I'm vacuuming around the bar, and it occurs to me that I asked my coworker to lock the front door at closing time. I thought I should probably check it, but then I thought she must have, since nobody had walked in in the last 45 minutes--usually we get at least three groups of people yanking on the doors after close.

Well, imagine how surprised I wasn't when I turned around to see a local homeless guy in our lobby, wanting to know if we had any food we were going to throw out. He seemed harmless, but wouldn't leave until I got the manager to tell him we weren't hiring any dishwashers.

Brainless wanders out and asks who the guy is. I told her the reason we lock the doors.

"Oh. I forgot."



G.H. said...

OK, You have go to do something about this one.


purplegirl said...

I figure I'll give it one more week; if I go to the scheduling manager now he'll just blame it on her being new. Especially since even though a bunch of my coworkers have been bitching about her to/with me, they're not going to back me up.

thairade said...

That girl needs to be fired. Now.

purplegirl said...

If only it were still in my power .... god, I sometimes miss being a manager!