Thursday, October 15, 2009

I survived kid's night.

Last night, for the first time in a year, I worked the horror that is "kids eat free night". After a string of horrible nights last year, I just told them I couldn't work Wednesdays. I'm sure you all can picture it -- the macaroni ground in to the carpet, the crappy times, the millions of Sprite refills. But after such a crappy weekend, I was so desperate for money that I picked up a shift. At first it was just a first cut, but then a closer got sick and I picked that up.

And it really wasn't so bad. I didn't have a section that allowed large tables, so I didn't get screwed that way. The only thing that sucked was that when I got there at 4, a table of three women were already camped out in my section. They were already done eating when I got there, and the bitches didn't leave until seven! They'd told the host they were just going to sit "until you get busy"--I guess the second time we went on a wait they realized maybe they should get their dumb asses out of there. I found out later that they'd come in before three. Now, my friends and I can talk all day too, but four hours in a restaurant? That seems extreme to me.

I wasn't too bothered though, because I was kept busy anyway. At about 4:30, fifteen people from a bank rolled in and decided to sit on the patio--which was closed, not set up, and covered in dried leaves, but whatever, people! As a joke, the managers like to "assign" the closed patio to somebody, and yesterday it was me, so I spent the first few hours of my shift essentially cocktailing to the group on the patio. So I wasn't too angry, although I did ask the GM if we could start changing those women rent.

I really lucked out with my tables with kids; they all tipped the would-be percentage instead of the actual, lower price. All in all, it wasn't a bad night; I'll be more likely to pick up Wednesday shifts now, at least until the next clusterfucking disaster!


SkippyMom said...

I love reading your blog. Glad you got tipped decently [so hard to find customers that get that you tip on what it would've been b/f discount] Sweet!

Hope you have a good weekend.

Steven Nicolle said...

Hope you have a good money making weekend! You deserve it!

JumpIt said...

Lucky!! I deal with kids every day I work at my restaurant, and right now some of our other places are doing a discount meal for kids - we have huge families coming in and then getting super pissed off because we're not one of the participating restaurants doing it!

There is nothing more disgusting than macaroni and rainbow sprinkles ground into the carpet.

Vijay Eswaran said...

Wow, I cant imagine sitting in a restaurant filled with kids..:)
Great write up