Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Firing spree!

Is three a spree?

We're finally rid of Brainless II! After months of dealing with suspiciously disappearing cash tips, idiotic seating arrangements, being short a hostess when she wouldn't show up, being shorted on cash when she'd "forget" to pay for her food, and my ears bleeding from listening to her whining, she finally got canned. She was told if she missed one more shift she'd be done, and she called out on a double. Sort of--she sent another hostess a text asking her to cover the morning shift, and when she said no asking her to tell CL she was "out of town." After being fired, she started getting all uppity and sending the other hostess (who isn't even her friend!) messages that "they'd better give me my last paycheck within 24 hours as is required by state law!"

I gave CL a high-five when I heard the news.

The second two this week are less joyous. First was Preggers (who isn't actually pregnant anymore); how CL had the heart to axe someone with a newborn I don't know. It was her own fault, though; if what I'm being told is right, she went on a vacation and decided to stay an extra three days. And instead of just calling and telling the managers this, she texted the same hostess as Brainless II did (weird, right?) asking her to cover for her. When she couldn't or didn't, Preggers just didn't do anything, so went down as a no call/no show for three days. Not a good decision.

From the first two, you could almost infer CL was trying to make rational business decisions. But this one was just her throwing a fucking tantrum. This cook, Kyle, is one of the few that doesn't mouth off to the servers when they ask for something. Everybody gets along with him. English is his first language, but he's good enough with Spanish to help when we have translation problems. Kyle usually can't work on Wednesdays, but they asked him to work one specific one and he agreed. For whatever reason, he changed his mind, so he got somebody else to cover it.

Or so he thought. That someone else rushed in the door right before this shift, announced he couldn't work, and split. So ..... Kyle gets fired for "a pattern of unreliability". Well, he's not officially fired yet--he's on unpaid leave. But that's what happened with Mister Fantastic, ADD Bartender, Old Stripper, and Sexual Harassment Jose, too; it's basically code for fired. Those last three were pre-blogging, which is why you haven't heard of them before. Two of them had worked there for nine or ten years each, too.

Oh, and we lost another person this week--a bartender who I went to high school. She's got a temporary full-time job, and was hoping to work one day a week with us until that was over; they let her go, saying that you have to have three available shifts a week. Which would be fine if they enforced it across the board, but they don't. Surprise!


Steven Nicolle said...

Wow that is quite the change going on at work. Christmas is over now and they don't need the dead weight or the people causing trouble. Who knows maybe someone exciting will come along and improve the ongoing situation.

vandervecken said...

in one place i worked that dropped people like that, we used to have "sudden death sunday" ... the schedule was due out on thursday, and the work week ended on saturday. so if it wasn't posted saturday night, someone was being voted off the island. you would call or come in to get your schedule sunday morning, and your name was gone. that's how they told people.

purplegirl said...

Waiter E, I can hope. The newest hostess isn't showing any more intelligence than Brainless II, sadly!

VanderVecken, I just added you to my blogroll. Sounds like you worked for some nice passive aggressive people too!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh MY.
Seems like business as usual and the big bosses were just in, too ;)