Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dodged another corporate bullet.

I nearly picked up a shift on one of my days off this week, since I had requested Easter off (unnecessarily, as it turned out). Thank god I changed my mind! The president and vice-president of the company showed up for a surprise visit—at 10 at night. They showed up on one of the nights that we don't have any specific “late night fun” planned, and a night when CL was working.

She did have about half an hour of warning, as one of the other stores called, so of course she started flipping out and having people scrub stuff. She was also able to bribe employees with free food to hang around and pretend they wanted to be there, which is good, since the big guys were there to see how late night was going. If they'd come in on a Sunday or Monday, it would have been great—we've actually had a decent showing. Not sure why those two nights have worked out when the rest haven't, really. A random group of semi-regulars showed up too, which I imagine made CL just weak with relief.

I wasn't there, like I said, but one of my friends reported that the big guys weren't impressed with the kitchen—apparently they complained about fingerprints on the stainless steel, and said the floors weren't clean enough. You know, in a working kitchen while we were open. I guess they also asked CL some upsetting questions about her boss, which she told someone while crying in the kitchen. I'm not sure what that was about, but I'm sure CL is terrified that her boss will get fired and replaced with someone who doesn't think she's splendiferous.

I'm getting less and less thrilled with closing, with the late hours and sporadic business and my general annoyance with my job. The idea of random late-night visits from ignorant corporate bigwigs just makes me even more excited.

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Blair@funny waiter stories said...

Dealing with the corporate types is so annoying. I feel your pain on that one.