Monday, April 5, 2010

Poor staffing decisions.

Because of this late-night stuff, CL has been training a lot of extra people in the bar. I guess she things we're going to have an explosion of bar guests who all want mixed drinks or something. It's kind of hilarious, actually. She's trained Anna, who doesn't really have an interest in doing it; another server who doesn't actually want any bar shifts and only did it because she's been there so long she felt she had to; and one of the laziest servers we have, who tried to give away tables and leave early every goddamn shift.

L still hasn't gotten her bar shifts back, despite being told she would, and despite us only have two night closing bartenders—who are both pissed they're working until midnight and one so often. L was one of our best bartenders, but apparently CL still has a grudge.

And now, CL has decided to train Wide-eyes for the bar. She's another one who's lazy as can be, tries to skip out on her sidework at every opportunity, and acts like she should be treated special because she has a kid. You know, like most of my coworkers do.

When I first heard about it, it was because one of the other bartenders was wicked pissed. She came up to me, really angry. “Wide-eyes is going to a be a bartender! She said she told CL she'd work Wednesday nights. I've worked Wednesday nights for two years! If they take my shift for that bitch I'm quitting, this is bullshit!”

I thought Wide-eyes had to be assuming things, that she couldn't really be on the bar list. Nobody can stand this chick, everyone complains about her constantly, she screws up non-stop and costs the restaurant money. So I asked Lapdog.

“Is it true that Wide-eyes is going to be a bartender?”

Lapdog's hands fell to his side; his posture got a bit more rigid. For a long second he didn't say anything, then slowly and without looking at me said, “Yeah, that was CL's decision.” I would love to hear exactly what he thinks about it!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh boy, just when you think this management team can't inflict more torture on their staff......
Can't wait for updates ;)
Hang in there!

purplegirl said...

Yeah, they usually manage to out-do themselves about every week with this crap!