Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh, I almost forgot ....

Remember how CL threw her boss to the wolves a couple of months ago to make herself look better? Well, I'm pretty sure she's trying to do the same thing to Lapdog now!

She's been bitching aloud about him, to employees -- oh yeah, and in earshot of customers! Bitter Divorced Man quit, and the guy who replaced him (don't have a spiffy name for him yet) was probing one of my coworkers for dirt on Lapdog. Also, one of her little spies told the same coworker, "Don't worry, CL told me Lapdog won't be here much longer."

See, her head is on the chopping block again because our numbers are all over the place. The effect of screwing her boss over has clearly worn off, so now she's looking for another scapegoat. Pot Smoking Manager doesn't have enough seniority or responsibility for it to be plausible that it's all his fault; the new guy is new. So that leaves Lapdog, who's sucked it up and dealt with this bitch for the last 10 years even though he's more qualified that her -- for god's sake, the man used to be an area chef manager for a very famous chef who owns a chain of restaurants. And he gave up that career to have more time with his family, and ended up working for a psycho and toughing it out all this time, and now if she has her way he's going to get fired so she can hang on to her own job for a few more months -- because after that, she'll be out of people to blame.

I want to warn him, but I haven't directly heard anything. If New Manager starts trying to get info out of me, though, you can bet I'll be having a private conversation with Lapdog. He might piss me off, but he doesn't deserve this shit.


SkippyMom said...

I can't believe she is at it again. I would warn him ASAP - I mean what's a little reverse backstabbbing among friends/

fuckmytable said...

I agree with SkippyMom - I'd make the preemptive strike and tell LapDog now. If you wait too long, it might be too late for him to save himself.

I hope CL gets fired promptly. I have no respect for people who throw others under the bus, especially when it comes to jobs. People have jobs to earn money to LIVE. And LapDog is supporting a family. Fuck CL.