Thursday, January 6, 2011

Entrances are hard to find.

Last night I was heading toward the kitchen when I saw two women in coats come out of the hallway the bathrooms are in. They stopped just inside the restaurant; since the door for our carside is there too, people with to go orders often come in that door and stand in the way looking stupid instead of waiting in their cars like they're supposed to.

Anyway, I approached them with a smile.
"Do you even have any empty seats with all those cars out there?" One of them asked.
I blinked and kind of laughed. "A few," I said. "Are you here for a to go order?"
I was starting to get that you're-an-idiot-aren't-you tingling feeling. "What can I do for you?"
They ignored me; the woman who hadn't spoken yet said, "Oh, I think we're in the wrong place."
"Well, how am I supposed to know that!" snapped Women #1. "I don't come here!"

I directed them to the host stand and went into the kitchen, shaking my head. What I wanted to do was walking them both outside some basic logical reasoning: "See this door? Which has no sign over it, which you have to walk over a bed of decorative rocks to get to, which has a big red "emergency exit" bar on the inside of it, and in general has nothing identifying it as an entrance? Good. Now look at that door over there under the canopy, that the sidewalk leads right to, which has a giant fucking neon sign over it. Which one do you think is the entrance?"


SkippyMom said...


[Seriously I laughed out loud at your description of this and scared the crap out my dog. She thanks you.]

Holy sh*t - the stupidity. I hope you didn't get them as a table. I can only imagine the tip.

Smile firmly implanted on my face for the day. Thanks. giggle.

purplegirl said...

Glad to be of service. :)

Aunty Pol said...

Holy Crap !

All I can say is " DERP "

yellowcat said...

I hate that "you're-an-idiot-aren't-you" tingle. I mentally throw my ticket book in the air and storm off because talking to the non-functional retarded is more than I can bear most of the time.

aneducatedserver said...

Where I work, we tend to get those people who feel that they can exit out of any door that they want...even if there's a big, red "EMERGENCY EXIT. ALARM WILL SOUND" sign on the door. At least once a week we have to get a manager to shut off an alarm because someone went out the wrong door. Is life really that hard?

Pand3mic said...

Thanks for posting the "roll call". I just discovered your blog today and read started with your latest entry and I thought to myself- "I have a lot of 'catching up to do'. I wish there had a list of who's who!" Lo and behold - You do!!!! Yay!