Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Event planning.


I've never hosted a party before; part of this that's because with five pets running around my house it would be an utter disaster. The other part is fear that nobody would come! But also, I suck at organization. Hardcore suck at it. Any attempt I made at event planning would be, I'm sure, disastrous. I have a friend who's a wedding planner, and I don't know how she can possibly juggle all those details. I know there are plenty of sites for sending online invitations, etc. -- like -- and I think that's the only thing that would save me if I ever decided to try to throw any sort of large-scale event. I can hardly keep track of where I put my bookmark, let alone a paper guest list. If it's not on a document on my computer, I'm going to misplace it. Hell, I'll probably misplace it then. Guess it's lucky that, in the unlikely circumstance that I'm in charge of something big, I'll be able to utilize online event planning services to help me.

Now to find a pet sitter ....

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Anonymous said...

I have parties all the time (including 5 cats & a very furry 70# Alaskan Malamute dog)... My guests are advised that I have animals - which in turn equals pet hair (no matter how well I clean). My guests love the 'furs' (& the wine and beer).

Have a party - it will be fun! :)