Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big pimpin' in a small town.

The last two weeks have been very slow. I think it's because of tax time, and I'm hoping we'll bounce back up soon. We still have the same number of servers on the floor as always, which I understand needing to start out with. But Lapdog in particular has a phobia of cutting the floor. So I ran a four table section for three and a half utterly dead hours today. To make it even more joyful, one of those tables got incorporated into a big top – which another server had, because two of her tables were used as well. She gave me one of hers when it got sat later, but then her boyfriend and his parents came in and sat in one of my tables because hers was full, but wanted her to wait on them. So I basically had a three table section until Lapdog finally cut at almost nine o'clock.

The one table I had at my six-seater booth gave me reason to hope. Seven people, and they were all talking and laughing and seemed happy. Things were a bit of a mess trying to get their appetizer order; Mom tried to order the appetizers, but didn't really know what she was talking about. She ordered a total of four items, three of which fit into our appetizer sampler. Several of the kids (teenagers) who were calling out items had their flyer about the sampler open, so I tried to figure out if they were ordering the sampler or individual items. But Mom just did not understand what I was saying. Finally she said, “Just those three” but she'd ordered four. It got to the point where everyone else was talking at once trying to explain, and Dad was holding his head in exasperation. Then the oldest daughter finally asked me to come back, and when I did she ordered and Mom kept her mouth shut. That kind of thing just drives me nuts. It's bad enough when people want to order for everyone, but when they don't know what they're ordering it's just terrible.

Anyway, things went smoothly after that. They needed a lot of drink refills, but I thought I'd be compensated because their overall manner was just so happy and nice. Dad apologized for Mom's retarded moment, but I laughed it off. Then he told me that two guys who work for him were there, and he wanted to pay for both of their meals at well. I fucking hate it when people do that, because it's just a whole grey area over who's going to tip the other server, or in this case the other two servers.

My table finished before the other two, so I gathered up the other tickets and took them to the baller who was about to shell out $229 at my stupid little corporate restaurant. He said he would tip the other servers as well, and also said “and if they leave more, good for them!” I really thought I was going to do well on this table.

When they finally left, I retrieved the three separate books. For my coworkers, $7 each on tickets of $57 and $49. For me …. $11 on $123. Seriously, you jackass? I wait on you and your loud family hand and foot, I laugh and talk and joke with you, I orchestrate this pain in the ass display of your 'generosity', and you give me less than ten fucking percent? Why don't you take your promotion to K9 unit captain and shove it up your ass.


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theblonde said...

That is the WORST - when you feel like you actually make a connection with a table and you're laughing and joking..... and then you get ten percent or less.

Bouncin' Barb said...

That really sucks! That's when I like automatic tipping for parties of 6 or more.

Crappo the Clown said...

Rember his face and get him back next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Ugh...the ninja fuckers. The ones you never see coming, until you are stuck holding their lousy 8% tip.