Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blatant favoritism.

(I'm all moved, but can't even describe the chaos leftover from said event. It's going to take me for-fucking-ever to get my life back in order, so I'm sorry if posting is irregular or my response to comments continues to suck.)

For whatever stupid reason, HotPants will now be doing the schedule instead of Lapdog, who's had responsibility for it for oh, the last ten years. I had a feeling it was going to be a fucking disaster, and I even tried to express that to CL. But I didn't want to say the real reason I was concerned – because I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me – so I just said sometimes I thought he had a hard time keeping people straight. She blew me off, naturally.

But, sure enough, when HotPants posted last week's schedule, it was completely fucked up. I was lucky, he'd only taken my Thursday and Friday second cut shifts and replaced them with a Tuesday first cut. I say 'only' but I was raging fucking pissed at first. Take my two money-making shifts and put me on a shitty kid's night first cut, when I'm not even supposed to be available on Tuesdays? Fuck you, fucker!

Then I looked at the rest of the schedule. Ooooohhhh boy. Fud went from eight shifts over five days to three shifts in two days. Mistress J, probably the most senior server we have, was taken completely off her Tuesday night and her Thursday double, and given a Friday first instead of her usual close. Kate had one first cut Monday shift. Her sister Ally had double first-cut shifts on Tuesday and nothing else. Me, Mistress J, Kate, and three other people were all taken off our regular Thursday night shifts—I don't know who the fuck he had working. Work Wife's days were right, but her closes were taken away and she was given first cuts. Those were just the most extreme examples, everything was totally jacked.

And who got all those shifts the rest of us didn't? HotPants' favorites. Cat-Eyes had two to-go shifts and five closing nights. The Bug had four closes and three other shifts. Eager Beaver, who's been here less than a month, had three closes and four other shifts. Another FNG had five fucking closing shifts. I was so freaking pissed off, but I knew a hail of shit was going to rain down on HotPants for this blatant fuckery, so I decided that a very polite email would stand out in the crowd a lot more. I very carefully, politely, please-and-thank-you'd my way through asking for my regular schedule back, and then I waited.

Sure enough, this week my schedule was back to normal! Not everybody's was, and I think it's because HotPants was being a little passive-aggressive. When I thanked him for giving me my regular schedule again, he said, “Sure, all I needed was an email. At least yours was NICE!”

And strangely, since then, he's been talking and joking with me a little more. Score one for me.


Tuesday Kid said...

Sometimes you need to let your boss know the score in an easy direct way. It isn't all headbutts and fisticuffs (though it's fun when it is).

Rachel said...

Kudos to you for handling an outrageous situation cooly. Favoritism is all there is where I work, unfortunately. Favoratism, and accomodating assholes to the point where you screw over decent workers.

DMT said...

If there is one thing you should learn from working with the public its this, Politely and calmly explain what the problem is and ask to have it fixed and 9/10 times it will be and when it doesn't, then unfortunately you are forced to lower yourself into the filthy level that the asshole customers inhabit

JoeinVegas said...

Congratulations on being nice. Even more surprising in that it did cause changes.