Friday, July 15, 2011

More corporate idiocy.

Who the bloody fuck comes up with these stupid fucking policies? I've written before about the stupidity of our switching glasses, although I can't find the entry right now. Basically we switched from plastic tumblers to glasses which a) hold more ice b) don't hold a chill so go through more ice leading to more refills c) shatter all over the motherfucking place when dropped d) come out of the dishwasher so hot we have to use ice to chill them and them put in new ice for the drinks and e) are freaking heavy and a general pain in the ass. So they use about 25% more ice; we got an ice bucket 25% smaller so we have to make more trips; the racks for them hold 25% fewer glasses so we're switching those out more often; and we have to slice lemons on demand now instead of pre-slicing them. Oh yes, and we now have to mix chocolate milk instead of getting it prepared from the bar. And Lapdog randomly decided that beer glasses need to be hand-washed by the bartender so there's another kink in the routine we've had since the fucking place opened.

The latest little wrinkle in the beverage service is that we're no longer allowed to use iced tea pitchers to do refills. Instead, we have to get a brand-new glass every time somebody wants more tea. Considering how fast people suck the stuff down, and how quickly it gets watery between the shitty glasses and the nature of tea, this is a giant pain in the ass. Add in all the above irritations related to drinks and I'm (probably unduly) pissed off. Seriously, I've never been to a restaurant that didn't use water and tea pitchers for refills! It's been that way since the fucking chain started, why is it suddenly not cool?

We don't know, because – and this is the best part to me – they didn't bother to give us a goddamn reason for it. I asked CL, and she said she had no idea, and her boss had no idea. It just came down from the corporate office and WE MUST OBEY.


JoeinVegas said...

There is a place here where you get a new glass for every drink - coke, tea, water, doesn't matter. No refill, just a new glass of the same stuff. I'd rather have the staff bring a pitcher by than have to wait for new glasses.

Just Sayin... said...

Sounds like they're trying to drive the restaurant into the ground, then proving it doesn't run efficent enough, so they can close it it all together. Or force a turn over of employees.

I've seen it happen at a gym I worked at. The Admin (where I worked) kept updating policies for the club staff etc, noting "policy changes from the pres" once we got rid of the dead wood, we hired new staff and went back to the way things were... no "new policies".

theblonde said...

Yeah, what is it with iced tea? People chug that like it's milk from God's teat or something.

Babs n Bacchus said...

We have to use a fresh glass for ice tea refills, it can be a bit much. Ice tea drinkers are serious chuggers..

jlo said...

I have regulars that I will leave a pitcher of water or iced tea at the table and they will refill their own glasses. If the pitcher gets empty I will pick it up on the way by and refill it. I can not imagine having to bring a new glass for every refill.