Monday, April 2, 2012

I have not drowned myself in alcohol or lard.


Thank you for all your supportive comments on my last post. I'm still struggling; I still feel weak and stupid; but I'm pushing on and trying to not be too morose. My success on that varies. Being in touch with the guy in question again doesn't really seem to be helping much but I also don't seem to be able to tell him to go away.

And checking my bank balance today and discovering a collection company put a $1700 garnishment on my bank account, with no notification, and since the money wasn't actually there they'll likely be going after my paycheck next .... that was just awesome. Especially since this is the week I'm meeting with a bankruptcy attorney to prevent shit like that from happening.

Then I got home today and half my backyard fence has blown down. Hilarious.


Corina said...

Purple girl, if you give me the aforementioned person's cell number, email, facebook, etc., I will tell him to fuck off for you! I have been there, and I know how much it sucked for me. SEnding good positive thoughts your way..

Joe Sixtop said...

I hate you're having a rough time. I'm going to send some positive thoughts your way too.

DMT said...

Drowned yourself in lard?

Okay first off don't ever speak of yourself that way again! I understand you've hit a rough patch, but how can you ever expect to overcome it if you attack your own self esteem?

You are a good hard working person with more back bone than many other people I've met. How many people have the balls to move from their comfort zone and jump into a new career? Not many, most people stick with shitty jobs that are slowly killing them because they're afraid of what might happen if they give it up and look for something else. Moving to your current job was by no means a small feat!

This guy who you dated is a little attention whore, don't buy this "I'm not ready for a relationship, but let me pester you" crap. I know people like him I fell victim to one as did one of my friends. He has no interest in you, it just makes him feel good to know that you're interested in him and he'll continue to string you along until someone else comes his way, so cut that string and tell him he had his chance and he blew it so he should get lost.

Jen said...

DMT was right on target. This guy is using you. Stop wasting your valuable time on him and start investing it in yourself. Don't half-ass it either; full stop, cold turkey, no looking back.

SkippyMom said...

DMT is exactly right. People can only take advantage of you if you allow them to, so take responsibility for YOUR health and YOUR well being and kick the doofus to the curb. You're old enough, you know this - and it is time to stop saying "it's easier said than done." By actually not taking action you are doing much more harm to yourself and we don't want that to happen. We know you don't.

Sending you good thoughts. Please, please post and let us know you actually did put a boot in his a**. That I can certainly cheerlead for! heehee