Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things that are not fraud #2

Today, dear friends, we have another example of Things That That Are Not Fraud: giving you something free for a limited time.

"Thank you for calling The Second Level Of Hell, how can I help you?"
Sigh. Yes, I personally reached down like the hand of God and removed that one channel from just your house. I just don't like your face, what can I say?
"Oh, I'm sorry sir. AMC isn't in the channel package you currently subscribe to, but--"
"Yes it is! I've always had it! You took it!"
"No sir. We had a two-week free preview of it, but that came to an end several weeks ago." And two weeks isn't always, you dumbass.
"Well, that isn't fair. I want it back!"
I gave him some details on how to get that channel back, and again he blew the fuck up. "Why should I have to pay for it! I've always had it! You can't just give me something and then take it away! That's fraud!"

(Fraud is the magic word. If I could make it sparkle, I would).

So let's review. We gave somebody an extra channel free for two months. It appeared out of the blue, complete with a little banner at the bottom saying "We hope you enjoy this free preview!" And then, this thing that you weren't supposed to have in the first place went away. Tell me class .... what isn't this?


DMT said...

When I was ten even I was able to comprehend that you could be randomly given a free trail of a channel. I could never talk my mom into getting the disney channel but at least I we got it free for a month 2 years in a row

purplegirl said...

Haha, see? People are ridiculous!