Sunday, May 20, 2012


(Title is just for a certain blonde friend who liked it so much!)

So far I'm not impressed with my new boss. I think I'll call him Twerp. Perhaps it's the fact that he looks about 21 and can't grow a proper mustache but keeps trying. Perhaps it's the fact he called out of work the other day to get Diablo III at midnight and play it all day. Perhaps it's the fact that he keeps reminding us about attendance but he's late at least 50% of the time.

But the last straw was today. There are certain things that of course only supervisors can do. One of those things is a certain type of tech visit for downgrading equipment. I needed that done, and Twerp was standing around talking to another supervisor.
"Hey, can you please do an equipment downgrade for me?"
I just sort of looked at him.
"You need to send that to the verification team. I can't do it."
Bullshit, I thought. He'd done it two days before. "But my old supervisor did them all the time?"
"Well, I can't. So instead of arguing with me you should be back on the phone taking care of your customer!"
"I'm not arguing," I said as I started to turn away. "I was just confused."
Now this is what really pissed me off: he turned to the other supervisor and said, "Annnnnd she'sstill talking!"

Oh, HELL NO. We are not going to get along. At this rate I'll be looking for another schedule change as soon as this 90 days is up.


SkippyMom said...

This is what a wee little bit of "power" does to an otherwise impotent child. And I put the word power in quotes because honestly? What exactly does this jerk wield in terms of true power?

Put the asswipe in his place with a few of your well place, veiled [i.e. over his pea brain/head] sarcastic retorts.

He'll learn soon enough. Just don't get mad - get even. Trust me. heehee

And dickshoes? Priceless. giggle

theblonde said...

Dickshoes! Gets me every time.
And that is just.... rude. He's got brass balls, but I think you have the chutzpah to take him down.

DMT said...

We have a similar situation in our place some jack ass straight out of college managed to somehow land a gig as a commercial manager. The jackass never worked on the store floor before taking the reigns, he has no idea about how things really work on the front line, he makes unrealistic demands of us and demeans us. We combat him with sarcastic barbs and throw in official complaints whenever he trips up, it's enough to take the wind out of his sails and make him back off when he starts getting too cocky.

Keep you nose clean and when you have enough experience put in for a job as a supervisor or manager if that jackass can do then you're more than qualified to.

lifeinthedrivethru said...

What a bastard!

You have an awesome blog, and although it's no longer about the food service industry, there are some great related archives so I have made you one of my food stories nominees for excellence in storytelling. You can see my post and the details at the address below.