Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Junior's last night.

I heard about this a couple of months ago but forgot to type it up. Junior went from being a "keyholder" to being an official "manager" and promptly put in her two weeks' notice. Apparently the hatred of the place that caused her to leave the first time manifested. Not that I blame her, considering I kept hearing how CL got more and more crazy.

Anyway, Junior's last night was a Friday. The other managers had all taken off -- which seems like poor scheduling to me, because wouldn't she just have to come back the next day to turn in her keys? Anyway. Junior invited all of her friends to come in for her last night, and started drinking as soon as she got there. By the time CL left, Junior was already half-drunk. But she left. To go make out with a guy in the parking lot for a couple of hours. And then she drove away, leaving a totally wasted women in charge of the restaurant.

Apparently the dinner rush went fairly smoothly, because it wasn't too busy. But at the end of the night ... all hell broke loose. Mistress J wasn't working that night, but had come in an hour and a half before close with Mister Slave. They'd even left the kids at home to have a dinner to themselves. Things were fine at first, but she noticed that Junior was getting louder and louder, and definitely couldn't walk straight. And, naturally, she reeked of alcohol when she stumbled over to say hi to them.

*He's actually her boyfriend and they actually moved in together, but the woman is a dominatrix. What else can I call him but Mister Slave!

As MJ was finishing her dinner, Junior stumbled up again. "I need help! I need you to help me!" She hauled MJ back through the kitchen and in to the manager's office .... which was unlocked, with three of Junior's friends standing in it, and money fucking everywhere. Every desk, every shelf, the floor, money everywhere. Junior sat down and started idly stacking it up all over the place. Her friends swilled their drinks and talked loudly, refusing to leave.

MJ finally called Mister Slave on her cell and asked him to come remove the friends -- he's a stocky, sort of intimidating guy, who he managed to eject them from the restaurant and get the doors locked. Have I mentioned that Mantoy doesn't work there? So MJ spent the next two hours counting money over and over, trying to straighten out the deposits and the drawers, because Junior had basically dumped the contents of the safe across the office. Somehow, she got everything straightened out. All the money was dead-on with the reports, which is nothing short of a miracle. Junior sat and watched her do all this, interfering occasionally. MJ even put her own signature on the deposits. She did the checklists for the kitchen, and part of the inventory. She closed the place down in a neat and orderly fashion, including the cash and reports, even though she is not a manager of any sort.

But the real kicker came a few days later, the next time CL worked with her. CL pulled my friend in to the office and told her, "If there were any way I could hold you accountable for everything that happened Friday night, I would."


Anonymous said...

What the fucking fuck? CL deserves to be out of a job, permanently.

Anonymous said...

wait........... CL was mad at MJ? For what?! Keeping the restaurant from losing a shit-ton of money?