Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Things that annoyed me today.

  • "Hi everyone! How are you to-" "I JUST WANT WATER. *snarl*"
  • "Okay! How about everyone else, can I get you a raspberry tea or lemonade?" "*eye roll* WATER." "YES. WATER."
  • At a different table: "Oh, I'll have iced tea!" "And I'll have water - and there's another person coming - so THREE waters."
  • Two of those three waters being untouched at the end of the meal.
  • While I was walking directly toward a table and making eye contact with her, a woman picked up her receipt and credit card and started dramatically waving them at me. 
  • "Have you all decided on lunch?" "THIS is what I want. *stabs finger at a multi-choice item and shoves menu away* So I was telling Janice ....."
  • "We need separate checks and we're all seniors!"
  • "Can I order [item x] but get [item y] instead for the cheaper price?"
  • The breadstick thing.
  • That all this happened between my first two tables after I'd had a fight with my father before work and I was in no fucking mood for customers.
What didn't annoy me: The 50% tip on a bill of $50. Thank you, kind sir! You turned my day around!


SkippyMom said...

This has always been my theory about douche tables. You get that little golden one [or three, four] and they make up for all the little canoes that tried to sink your night.

Grin and bear it. Karma will come back to French kiss you full on. Nice tip btw. :)

Dee said...

"...and a round of waters for the table," is the worst thing I can hear.