Sunday, April 11, 2010

Of course I don't know what I'm talking about!

Poor L. She finally gets some of her shifts back--although still not in the bar--and she just gets bitch after bitch!

On Tuesday, her very first table seemed normal enough. Then when she brought out their food, the woman snatched her potato up in her hand and sniffed it. Then she dropped it back on to the plate with a splat and told L. that she'd "need a new potato. This one is old."

So L. gets her a new potato; when she comes back, the husband has shoved his plate off to the side. He then bitched at her about how there were dark spots on his fried fish, and he didn't understand why we were cooking fried fish on a flat grill. Huh? L. very politely told assured him that they were not cooked on a grill and were in fact fried. His response was "I'm going to need to speak to your manager, who'll obviously be better informed than you."

L. got Lapdog, who again told the guy the fish isn't cooked on a grill, but the guy still wouldn't listen and demanded new fish. And the wife's steak was conveniently overcooked at that point, too. So Lapdog, now cranky, goes back to the kitchen and supervises the cooks. Sure enough, the fish pieces come out of the fryer with the same dark spots they other do.

Lapdog took their food out, explained how he watched the fish cook and he doesn't understand why they had darker spots on them. He also had a new steak--and yet another baked potato!--for the wife. Honestly, I don't understand what the big fucking mystery is! Items like french fries and mozzarella sticks are less dense than oil, so as the bubbles right the food gets bumped around. The pieces of fish are thick, heavy, and dense--so they rest on the bottom of the fryer basket. Since they have a layer of very thick batter on them, that batter gets a little crispy-fried from resting against the metal of the basket. Apparently nobody else, including Lapdog and the cooks, couldn't think of this, and so the customer never got an answer and probably thought that Lapdog was lying to them, too.

They grumbled through the rest of their meal, especially when they discovered that Lapdog hadn't bought all their food because of their "problems". When they were finished, the husband went out to the car and the wife asked to speak to someone higher up than Lapdog.

CL was there that day, so she spent about ten minutes listening to this woman bitch about how Lapdog was so rude, how things just don't seem to run right when CL isn't there (huh?), and basically continued talking about how Lapdog was just so horrible and unpleasant. I heard a bit of the conversation between the table and Lapdog as I was walking by, and he was his usual obsequious boot-licking self. Nothing for the woman to complain about.

Much like a table a couple of weeks ago, who said very similar things about Lapdog. That particular group sent somebody outside on their cell phone to call our corporate office about him and his "rudeness"! That thought makes me laugh--let's see how he feels being at the mercy of psycho bitches who are complaining just because they're breathing!


Anonymous said...

the black spots are because they need to change the grease. Big freaking deal. It happens.
I hate it when one person complains and then the rest of the table decides to throw their plates at me because they think something is wrong..its a domino effect. *very* annoying.

Aunty Pol said...


There is no excuse for that kind of attitude....I deal with a form of that crap as the senior ( yeah as in f'g oldest - lol) receptionist at a law firm here in Houston,....It still pisses me off afgter 28 years when ppl think it's acceptable to act like shits...

Sorry to rant PG.