Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another worthless Wednesday.

I've got to quit picking up these Wednesday shifts. Either it's insanely busy with screaming children everywhere (and I make no money) or it's very slow (and I make no money). My tables were all perfectly pleasant tonight -- all seven of them. They were also all 10% or less tippers. It's been that way all week. I love how people punish me for the cold. Why did I turn the thermostat outside down to -11?

Oh wait. I didn't. Don't screw me because of the weather, you fucksticks.

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DMT said...

I actually get a bit pissed off by what you have to put up with. Seriously, you do a hard days work and get nothing for it thats so not on.

I honestly can't understand why people think its okay to not pay for a service. Think of it like this, would you say this to someone? "Oh the service was absolutely wonderful, I cant believe you actually bent over backwards and shoved your head up your own ass just for us, here have a shiny penny for your troubles, no no wait, actually the satisfaction of knowing you had the honor of serving us is reward enough for the likes of you" Well by not tipping when someone is not paid a full wage and is supposed to make the majority of their income in tips is equivocal