Friday, July 22, 2011

The kitchen is soundproof. Right?

I walked in the side door at work today, and I immediately knew it was going to be a shitty shift. From down the hall and around the corner, I could hear CL yelling. Nothing distinct, but it only took a few more steps, until I was in the dining room itself, before I could clearly hear her.

“I thought we scheduled so this shit wouldn't happen!” I heard her yelling in a panic. “Twenty minute ticket times do not fucking work for me!”

Our kitchen doesn't have doors. Two steps out of the entrance and you're at the first bar stool; two more and you're at a table. I can only hope a customer heard and will write in a complaint.


JoeinVegas said...

Um, can't you say something to CL?
Or perhaps write in a complaint annonymously?

Rachel said...

My GM can't keep her shit together, too. And she works on Friday nights. It's ridiculous, the way the woman starts dropping F-bombs if food hasn't been run 30 seconds after it was expoed. She can't handle stress, acts like its her first weekend night every fucking weekend, and she actually paid a college money to become a restaurant manager.

I'm not the only employee who has ever expressed the hope that a customer will wander into the kitchen area for some reason while she is back there. Sure, we could call HR ourselves, but I feel that it sounds kind of wussy to call them and say 'my manager swears at me all the fucking time, and I can't take it anymore.' It makes it sound like I can't take swearing. I love swearing, but I can't wait until that bitch finally gets herself fired.

DMT said...

I second the anonymous complaint or maybe make up a name and use a friends address with their permission CL has been a right cunt-punt towards you guys lately for pathetic reasons like some guy she met on a forum not returning her emails she deserves on in return.

I wouldn't stand for anyone cursing me out of it I dont mind cursing either but if someone starts constantly cursing at me I get offended. We're humans too, we deserve some respect. And you know what? the person cursing you out is in the wrong straight off its verbal abuse so you can tell them to knock it off and use the threat of reporting them an leverage to get their (figurative)nuts in a vice!

Rachel said...

DMT--you are exaclty right. Its not the swearing itself, and, honestly, if a manager let a few cuss words drop out of exasperation--but the way this woman acts is entirely dehumanizing. Its not just the swearing. I'm beginning to think that she has a major personality disorder. I probably should call HQ, but when I do, I want something that would definately get her canned.