Sunday, November 27, 2011

As always, the height of professionalism.

In one shift, CL did the following:

1) Yelled at two different employees in front of two sets of customers.
2) Sat next to customers talking trash about employees with Junior.
3) Stood in the kitchen screaming so loudly I could literally hear her on the other side of the restaurant. Which was half-full. And had football blaring out of every tv.
4) Did a jell-o shot with all the bar customers to celebrate her college football team winning a game.

Yes, she's still employed.


DMT said...

keep a diary of all this stuff date and time it then after a month or two send it to head office she's been investigated before they might be inclined to take it more seriously.

Just Sayin... said...

Agreed with DMT 100%
Start keeping track in a book quietly. So when the day comes, you have covered your ass, and knowing her the way you write about her, I wouldn't put it past her to say all this stuff was you.

B said...

I really, really loathe people like CL. Get it down on paper, my dear. The sooner the better. Just because your job won't listen to you about this nutty lady doesn't mean that an outside agency won't.

ServingUpAnAttitude said...

Maybe you should change that. I've considered writing an anonymous 'customer's' letter of complaint to corporate about shit I've seen co-workers do. Maybe I'm cynical, but even the most well-documented employee complains about well-known GM unprofessionalism just get swept under the rug. I realize that it sounds cynical, Machiavallian, and just plain wrong...but so is the fact that CL is allowed to just flaunt her lack of standards to the staff with no consequences.

DMT said...


you're onto something it gives me an idea.....