Thursday, January 31, 2013

So not surprised.

I'm sure almost everybody has heard about the waitress who got fired from Applebee's because she posted a picture of a guest's receipt. If you haven't, check out the story - some religious bitch wrote "God gets 10% why do you get 18". Because I'm sure Jesus would totally stiff a server.

As to why this behavior from Applebee's doesn't surprise me .... I'll let you speculate. ;)


fuckmytable said...

God doesn't pay rent, student loans, or car payments. Your move, Holy Man. Or should I say... Holier-Than-Thou Man.

JoeinVegas said...

No, holier-than-thou Woman. She complained Applebees and got the waitress fired. But don't worry, God will provide.

WordChazer said...

Another view on the whole thing here: As a former retail worker, I could NOT exist without minimum wage. Not-below-min-wage-plus-tips-if-someone-felt-it-necessary-or-it-was-on-autograt. Autograt is one reason why I rarely eat out with a party, as the service (UK service is nowhere as good as US variety) goes from indifferent to non-existent and they still expect a tip for cold food and incorrect drinks. The best place ever for service was Cabal at Disneyland in CA. Awesome to the nth. The server, PJ, was AMAZING. The bill was almost $100 for the two of us, and I tipped over the odds as well, because, if I could have cloned him, and had him in every food outlet in this country, I would have. My credit card took AGES to recover, but it was WORTH IT.

blaze said...

as a former applebees employee for 2 years i can tell you first hand it is the absolute worst company to work for and treats its people horrible. i have 15+ years in the restaurant industry and this was by for the worst i have ever experienced. from incompetent managers to filthy (unethical) work environments and behaviors. I even watched my manager keep the restaurant open and running even though we had NO HOT WATER which is a MAJOR HEALTH CODE VIOLATION!!! no hot water to wash hands or dishes with and still serving people food. the only thing i ever learned from anyone in the company was everything i did NOT ever want to become both personally and professionally. the only reason i stayed as long as i did was cause of the horrible economy and i was going to school paying for it out of pocket, cash. i looked for jobs for the entire 2 years i was there and as soon as opportunity presented it self i jumped at it. i now work for one of Americas largest retailers and i could not be more happy.

Alex Gagar said...

Its obvious that those woman are not religious at all as if someone doesn't know about respect of GOD than they can never do anything right in their life!

SkippyMom said...

Wow PG - the comments sure ran the gamut on this one. Wow again.

This kind of horsesh*t behavior is why I rarely tell people I am Christian [practicing Catholic, truth be told] because it is people like that woman that make the rest of us look bad. Do I agree with everything my Church puts forth? Lets just say I have a healthy disagreement going on with a few things, and I say a lot of penance, but it doesn't mean I need my religion to show me how to act DECENTLY to another person. No one does.
And my religion certainly doesn't subscribe to that woman's behavior. She is simply a troll wearing religion as a mantle to make her better than "thou".

I actually didn't hear about this story, and do need to go read it. I feel for the young woman. It's a sad state of affairs when a person has to hide behind something so wonderful and giving just to hide her own short comings.

The best I can say is a pray for both of them. Especially the waitress.

Hugs to you my friend. Missed you.

readinrobin said...

She deserved to be fired for putting the receipt on the internet without blocking out the pastor's name. It's one thing to post stuff, but another to post stuff that identifies another person who has not consented to having their information posted. And if that was against Applebee's policy, then yeah, expect to lose your job.

That being said, I certainly don't agree with the Pastor and her small minded thinking. And my daughter is working at an Applebee's - she actually quit for another job and then when she hated the other job she went back to Applebee's. She doesn't love her job because she doesn't love being a server and wants to make more money, but she doesn't think it's a horrible place to work either.

Anonymous said...

First, let me say that Applebee's is one of the most disgusting, low quality restaurant chains that serve below par food around.
Secondly, I unfortunately am so NOT SHOCKED that such cheap douche bags go there. We (servers) all know that cheap mofos go to places like Outback STeakhouse, Applebees, Chilis etc. How much money an hour does that "pastor" think that waitress is making??!! Not to mention the fact that since the waitress had a party of 20 it was probably her only table.
I cannot fathom that this woman called herself a woman of God. Disgusting.
Yes, this got news coverage b/c it was posted on the internet and it was a pastor, etc etc but the reality is that there are sh#theads like that all the time and your job as a server is to grin and bear it. And laugh about it with your friends about what sad lives these people lead.
Having said all that , I've waited tables for 11 years and i love it.

megaphon said...

Just piping up to say:

Yay Purplegirl, you're BAAAAACK!!! :)

missed your blogging voice.